Our dialogue, the summer of 2012.

How do you make spit in your body?

Do amoeba have eyes?

Why does my wiener get big sometimes?

Do the people at the toe place speak Spanish?

I can understand them sometimes?

Is that weird, I don’t speak Spanish?

Why do they talk so fast?

Why does goggle know more than you?

Can we buy a port a potty?


Why? We could charge people when they need to go number two

Um, NO!

Can I just have a phone that does not text or call or take pictures?


Will my brain cells grow back if I eat something good?


I’m going to die before Mary Helen.

What makes you say that, Bleu?

I’m older and you die when you are the old one.

Maw, Can I say Dumb


What about ASS!


Well, what bad word can I say?


You can’t laugh when I tell you this, Maw

Samuels’s dog had his wiener cut open

I feel so bad for him

Will that happen to me?


Maw, can the amoeba swim up my pee pee hole?

NO, Bleu.

Listen Maw if my desk is clean how will you know I’m making stuff?

I’ll know, Bleu!

Can you still feed me with your milk?

No, Bleu

But, why?

Bleu let’s stop talking about my boobies, okay?


They are mine, Bleu.

So, when I first came out of your belly

Did I drink your milk-from your boobies?

Yes, a little

Like just a little drop of a dropper?


Why could you not pour it out all over the place?

You had enough and were not hungry.

Can you do it now?


Does it just come out of a little tube that is attached to your belly?


Can I see it?


I’m going to get that milk one day!

Maw, I have to tell you something.

Okay, Bleu. What is it?

Yesterday when I was going down to Samuel’s house

I felt the devil tell me to go around the street – you know where I can’t go?

But THEN I heard God tell me to go to Bobby’s house.

So, what did you do, Bleu?

I went to Bobby’s and God had a new friend there for me named Michael.


What, Maw? Do you think I’m lying?

No. I’m happy you listened.

So, I’m curious Bleu what did the devil and God sound like.

Um, I don’t know. I just kind of felt it in my stomach.

That is good Bleu. Listen to your stomach.

Yep, that is what I thought.

So, Maw you know the Titanic that you and Dada let me watch?


I was thinking that when I grow up and become a scientist that I will figure out a way to bring all those people back to life.

Baby, that is very sweet but once you die you cannot come back to life

But, when you do become a scientist you can help make ships safer.

Maw, if I can’t make them live again then I’m just going to make a submarine to get down there and get all that gold those rich people left. 

Bleu, if you did find gold down there it would not be yours.

But, you SAID that there are only two people alive from that sinking and they are too old to have gold.

But, it is still not yours Bleu

Okay- so the ocean gets the gold and everyone is poor?


I want to go watch YouTube videos of the Titanic sinking, Maw.

Did they have video back then?

NO, they had film.

We can go look and see if they have footage from that time.

Oh Geez, Maw- they only had black and white and no color back then.

Were the people all black and white, REALLY?

No, Bleu. They just did not have color pictures.

So, why do you make me black and white when you can do color?

I like black and white, Bleu

So, you want to live in the old days- with the old people?

No, not really.

Do you not like our black and white pictures, Bleu?

I do, Maw but I’m very colorful too.

I know you are, Baby.

I had a dream last night.

Tell me about, Bleu

I was at Talan’s house playing in the big slide and a big spider was on my foot

It started crawling up my leg and I killed it but it got bigger

Then a bee stung me on the leg and then a wasp got me too

Geez, Bleu that is a bad dream

I know, Maw

Then I ran into Talan’s house and they all chased me to Amy’s room

It was not my lucky day.

Bleu, I’m sorry you had a bad dream but it is only a dream and you are okay.

I know, Maw but REALLY I was hoping for a good one last night.

I understand completely. Tonight will be better.

That’s okay, Maw it was kinda cool but I’ll try and have a funny one tonight.

Do you have funny dreams, Maw?

Yes, all the time.

Tell me about it, Maw.

Well, last night I dreamt that I was wearing a dress made out of paper and the back ripped opened and my booty was sticking out in front of all the people at SAM’s warehouse.  I was so embarrassed that I fell to my knees crying.

Maw, that is not really funny?

Yes, you are probably right. I’ll remember the next funny dream I have and tell you.

Okay, Maw.

MAW! Shadow is under your bed. I think she is having babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, Bleu she is not having babies.

How do you know? She is making a lot of noise.

Because she has to be with a boy dog to make babies, Bleu.

Like- just look at a boy dog and we have babies.

Yes, Exactly!

And, she has not seen a boy dog. 

I really want her to have babies. Maw, you too!

Not today, Bleu.

I want to marry you when I grow up, Maw

Oh, you can’t marry your Maw, Bleu.

I know but I love you the most so it kind of makes no sense.

I love you more but I still can’t marry you.

What if I was old? Then I would marry you.


Maw, if Papa’s ears don’t stop ringing with that ternitis (tinnitus)

Then I’m going to be really sad for him.

I know Bleu and that is very sweet of you but Papa will be okay.

How do you know?

I don’t know for sure but I pray he will get better.

Me too, Maw.

You know what?

What Bleu?

I bet all those cicadas in Papa’s backyard made his ears pop.

They are really loud.

I know, Bleu. But, that was not what happened.

Why did we put dead cicadas on my fingers?

Um!  Well, you were collecting the dead ones and I had an idea.

Did that scare you?

No, but it was a little creepy.


But, Maw-It was cool that we got to take their last picture before they went to the grave.

Yes, it was. 

Did that scare you?

No, I found the tape, Maw!

Did you sell the picture?

No. But that was not the goal.

Maybe you can get like a million bucks for it then we can get Papa a big earmuff for his buzzing ears.

That sounds perfect, Bleu

 I love you so much. You are such a wonderful, creative, loving child.

And, when I get old I’m going to marry you , Maw!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby, I love you!

I love you more than you do

No, I love you more

Do you love me more than Dada?

Yes, I love you the most.


Yes, more than anyone in the history of the universe-EVER!

Maw, I still love you more.

Go to sleep, Bleu!

You know Shadow is half boy and half girl, Maw


Yep, I saw her with my own eyes she lifted her leg up

And peed all over the pool.

The End.