Yangzhou, China work coming soon....

In late September, I traveled to Yangzhou, China as part of a small group of photographers commissioned to photograph the city. From the moment, I was met at the airport to the last meal I shared I was engaged with the warmth of the Yangzhou people and fellow photographers. The gardens, residences and streets that I was allowed to wander in Yangzhou were enchanting and allowed me an undeniable connection with my own artistic vision. My time in Yangzhou was brief, but I feel a deep appreciation for the landscape and spirit of the people. It is my hope the essence of my adventure transpires into the new work. I'm getting daily email's from many people asking the same question: Where is the China work? I deeply appreciate the interest in my experience and corresponding with many of you is energizing, but I'll have to respond with a short answer: I'm immersed in my personal project from China and I'm working freely to realize my vision. I look forward to sharing the work with you and hope you will be patient and allow me time to reflect and create. After all no one wants a parade of travel shots from me.

All my very best,  Angela

"a paler sky" Yangzhou, China 2010